Dong Cao and Paul Oulton founded NZ PURE TOUR with the mission of creating the best authentic New Zealand holiday for family and friends’ groups of Chinese.

Co-founder, Dong Cao (Annie), is from Beijing. She was once a professional basketball player. After that, she became a journalist for a leading Chinese paper. She emigrated to New Zealand 14 years ago and is now a director of a media company that informs the Chinese market about life in New Zealand.

Co-founder, Paul Oulton, is from England. He came to New Zealand 21 years’ ago. He is a director of a software company called AbleOwl that specialises in Microsoft Excel.

To achieve that aim, we learned that it is important for the Chinese:

(1) To stay with local people, communicate with them, experience the real New Zealand life and feel at home. Such lifestyle includes large houses that have grounds, animals, wildlife, gardens, fruit and vegetables.

(2) To have a flexible itinerary of activities you choose that covers the interests of the different members of the group.

In the past, such groups stayed at our country home near to Hamilton, New Zealand. We listened to what they enjoyed most. Different members of a group had some differing interests. And, so, we wanted to create a holiday that had something for everyone.

What we found was:

  • In general, the Chinese loved nature. For example, they had great fun not being pulled over by cows tugging at the food they gave them.
  • They wanted challenges. They certainly showed no mercy in table tennis with us, the Kiwi hosts.
  • The younger ones wanted more daring activities such as black water rafting and skydiving while the older ones wanted easier experiences such as picking fruit, visiting gardens and short walks.
  • They wanted less rigid itineraries.
  • While people liked to try local food and wine, they also liked to cook their own food. In that way, they still felt at home.
  • They mentioned that on typical tours that tried to cover much of the country in the time, the long hours on the bus were tiring.
  • Many people said that the most enjoyable activities were often ones that were simple and free.

So, we came up with the optimal solution:

  • This part of New Zealand has most of the major experiences of the North Island; all are within an easy drive. The more adventuresome can do their activities while others engage in something different. Furthermore, you choose what you want to do and can keep the itinerary flexible, such as to allow for the weather.
  • You stay at country houses that are close to a city, where you can go to a variety of restaurants or buy Chinese produce to cook. The homes provide what you need to cook such as rice-cookers, pans, chopsticks, oil, soy sauce and other such common needs.
  • Depending on the itinerary you choose, you will stay at one or, perhaps, two different homes during your stay. In that way, you feel comfortable and fresh each day.
  • We provide a choice of country homes to stay at each with its own characteristics. Some hosts are Mandarin speakers.
  • Finally, you can, optionally, hire a Mandarin-speaking driver who provides the car including all car costs and accompanies you during your stay. That helps ensure your stay is as relaxing, safe and enjoyable as possible.